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Study by Jorge Vendrell that will be part of his next book entitled: "FROM THE WORLD ECONOMIC PANDEMIC TO THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRIOGENIZATION." Quote required by copyright.

Starting from a new branch of macroeconomics, which I have dubbed Circular Macroeconomics, since March 2020 I have published more than 60 reports that you will find at www.wed-center, as in which I alerted you to the effects of the economic pandemic and its only solution: Economic Cryogenization.

Study by Jorge Vendrell that will be part of his next book entitled: "FROM THE WORLD ECONOMIC PANDEMIC TO THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRIOGENIZATION." Quote required by copyright.

"The Keys to the Economic Pandemic", "The Pathways of Economic Collapse", "The Cascading Effects and the 6 Phases of Economic Collapse", The forecasts for the fall of world GDP", "The mathematical model for the determination of unemployment Objective" "Target Gdp Objective, METAPIB and Relative Efficiency", "Total GDP" "The relationship between Economic Paralysis and FALL of GDP", and above all "The Vendrell Plan for Economic Cryogenization" are some of the contributions I have made during 2020 with the aim of preventing the fall of world gdp and economicruin.

"With the publication of this report, prior to the publication of virtually all official GDP by governments, I advance the estimated fall in GDP on the basis of the level of economic paralysis decreed by each government, and the assessment of its behaviour; what is unprecedented so far, given that neither the Mundia Bank, the European Central Bank nor the IMF have been able to establish: neither the relationship between the level of economic paralysis and the fall in Gdp, nor how to assess whether this fall is online, greater or less than expected."


Many believe that this Economic Pandemic is a consequence of the contradictions of capitalism; but NO, it is a direct consequence of the economic paralysis decreed by the governments that made the grave mistake of confusing this, with economic hibernation, when in fact they are antagonistic; being the paralysistheproblem, and hibernation the solution.

To understand why the fall of GDP occurs in an Economic Pandemic, we must first understand what triggers the Cascading Effects that will give rise to the Economic Pandemic.

"Economicpanic, is a feeling superior to fear, which occurs in the face of rapid loss of income, and the impossibility of fighting an external situation, imposed de facto; that would unleash the "Cascade Effects" that will begin with the Stampede Effect in the face of an uncontrolled general situation triggering behind it, the effects: Dominoes, Help, Boomerang and Snowball leaving behind, economic and social ruin without precendents. "

The next Rranking MEDIUM GOAL, of the 134 countries, is the result of ordering the average MFS and MMS GDP from highest to lowest.


Con 20.56% Panama tops this ranking, they follow in this order with: 15.14% Cape Verde, 14.48% Peru, 11.85% Argentina, 11.71% Bolivia, 11.47% Honduras, 10.75% United Kingdom, 10.69% Spain, 10.55% Jamaica and 10.29% Philippines. As of today Spain with a government-published drop of 11% would move from 8th to 7th provisional position. In the net position is Greece with a drop of - 10.29%; it is followed by -9.99 India, -9.89% El Salvador, -9.76 Mexico, -9% Dominican Republic, -8.4%Nepal, -8.77 Bahamas, -8.69% Croatia,-8.56%Italy.


RANKING GOALMEDIUM, The ranking of the expected fall I have obtained after ordering from worse to better the average of MFS and MMS. (col.(8+9)/2)

THE RANKING GPDGOAL, It is obtained by ordering from worse to better the drop of the GDPGOAL

GOALMEDIUM, Has been established through the Fusion System MFS Method and the MMS Method Media System, and is the average of MFS and MMS GDP. (col.(8+9)/2)

GDP GOAL, Measures the fall in Gdp relative to economic paralysis decreed by governments so that the greater the economic paralysis, the greater the fall in Gdp.

GOALEFFICIENCY, Is the difference between GOALMEDIUM and GDPGOAL

MAXIMUM so that if this difference is negative it will indicate that it will be worse than expected and whether it is positive that it will be online or better than expected. (col.4-7).


Europe with an average fall of -5.05% would be divided between countries falling above 8% and those falling below this percentage. Among the first we find -10.75% UK, -10.65% Spain, -10.02% Greece, -8.69% Croatia, -8.56% Italy. About 8% are: -7.51% France and -7.25% Austria.

Among those who will go down the least, according to my forecasts, you will find: -1.39 Norway, -1.71% Serbia, ,-2.18 Finland, and -2.27 Belarus. Other candidates for moderate falls are: Serbia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Turkey, although in these nations there is a big difference between their "Metamedia Efficiency",which induces us to wait to see their results.

Spain bankrupt, with afall in GDP of 11%, Sánchez holds the highest record of falling GDP in Spanish history, thus corroborating my forecasts, see table. But Sanchez also gets the absolute record for job destruction in a year, leaving 1,277,900 unemployed more unemployed (Parados + Ertes), thus beating the que since2008 held Zapatero with 1,264,800 unemployed.

Latin America, with an average drop of more than 8%, would now find it collapsed, leaving those countries that cannot finance their public deficit to bankruptcy, which could lead one of them to embrace communism.

Panama leads this fall with a decrease of -20.56%, followed by -14.48% Peru, -11.85% Argentina, -11.71% Bolivia, -11.47% Honduras, -10.55% Jamaica, -9.89% El Salvador, -9.76% Mexico, -9% Dominican Republic, -8.55% Chile, -8.18% Colombia, -7.77% Ecuador, -7.65% Venezuela* (See full report). Brazil, one of the economies most critical of how to address the health pandemic, will lead to the smallest drop in large Latin countries by falling their GDP by around -5.29%.


In Europe, the first quarter of 2021 will mark significant declines in GDP in the vast majority of countries,such asPortugal,Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and the United Kingdom where GDP will fall to lead. Recovery will begin as the paralysis econor micadisappears.

Spain close to bankruptcy, at the fall of 11% of Gdp we must add the one produced by the Public Sector as a result of the deficit that I calculate in 209,800, 16.85% of GDP in 2019; so the total GDP drop will be 27.85%, with SPAIN going bankrupt if it fails to finance the deficit in time.

At best, the fall in employment in Spain will continue during 2021 reaching at least 1,838,496 unemployed people (unemployed + ertes since the start of the pandemic. Based on the Mathematical Model of Employment Forecast Vendrell); amounting to 5,030,396 standing Up Gdp could recover from April 2021, provided that economic paralysis disappears and there is financing of the deficit without tax raising.

The only possible solution to this financial chaos is the urgent application of the "Vendrell Plan for Economic Cryogenization" orbankruptcy, which will entail the financial pen. Thegovernment's hopes of expansive GDP growth and employment lack an economic basis, and are only an illusion of the executive.

US, with a 3.5% drop, should have no trouble recovering.

Latin America must choose between going to the IMF and its restrictive policies that, as they well know, will leave millions of people acrossthe continent inmisery, the Argentine pen, or the launch of the "Vendrell Plan for Economic Cryogenization",with a view to the creation of a Latin American single market and currency from 2023.

Asia Africa and Oceania, do not have special problems as a whole. Only Ivory Coast and Cape Verde, among Africans,or the Philippines, among Asians, have significant setbacks. Oceania has no risk of recovery with setbacks of -3.68% in New Zealand and -3.18% in Australia.


"Since March 2020 I have been warning, in more than 60 reports, of the impending economic collapse that will plague those countries whose annual gdp falls below or greater than -8%, and the bankruptcy of states that cannot fake their deficit, which could cause some of them to temporarily or permanently implos communism, which would cause a radical change in the global geopoliticalbalance"

On 21.11.2020 in a report entitled "Ways of Economic Collapse" published in Globedia and in www.wed-center.com warned that:

"A government will produce a Combined Economic Collapse when after decreeing an Economic Paralysis Level of more than 70%, for 2 to 4 months, it decreases another 30% for 6 to 9 more months, resulting in a fall in GDP of around -10% per year", exactly what has happened in Spain; and added:

"Any level of economic paralysis in a country will cause an identical decline in its economic activity and GDP, the consequences of which will be: falling consumption and investment, and rising unemployment, inequality and poverty."



Published on March 25, 2020, the "Vendrell Economic Cryogenization Plan" is subdivided into two key parts: "Hibernation and Economic Cryogenization." See Spanish or

English version. The Hibernation of the Economy.- consisting of the implementation of a financial bridge between the initial moment of hibernation and the end of cryogenization, which would imply that paralyzed companies should suspend all their payments for the duration of this process.

And a second phase that would be activated once the economy had been hibernated: "Economic Cryogenization"

Economic Cryogenization.- based on the equal issuance of cyber-debt and cyber-money, after plenary meeting of all the countries that make up it the UN, in order to grant it legal status.

Cyber-currencies must be backed by the UN and endorsed by the World Bank, which will authorize central banks to transfer the amounts in cyber currencies at a lost bottom line to fully cover the frozen private and public sector expenses for the duration of hibernation of the economy by sending them directly to the mobile devices or guaranteed payment cards (TPA) of the victims, their legal beneficiaries.


"What underlies "economic cryogenization" is the loss of power of governments, which will become mere intermediaries in the transfer of cyber currencies, as they will not thicken in their coffers to distribute them politically according to their interests, but will go directly to those affected by the pandemic; that is, its legal recipients"

"Economic cryogenization" implies that the institutional axis of the European Central Bank-governments will be weakened, which in no case will be to the liking of the two parties involved, who wish to maintain the power of yesteryear, which is why they will systematically oppose economic cryogenization with all their might; although they and I know that it is possible, it is just and therefore desirable; in addition to being a right of citizenship and an obligation of States, central banks, the World Bank, the IMF, and the UN"

This is the moment of great change, the application of the "Vendrell Plan of Economic Cryogenization will bring with it the greatest global economic transformation in history, to achieve it I ask you to join the hashtag