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J. Vendrell's prediction that the IBEX 35 would reach 9100: IT HAS BEEN FULFILLED! (Part 1)

12/05/2021 01:25

Those who have followed my recommendation to buy in IBEX at 6660, and sell on Monday, May 11 at 9100, will have obtained a capital gain of 63.37%

Study by Jorge Vendrell that will be part of his next book entitled: "THE SHOCK WAVES AND THE MAPS OF THE TREASURE" Appointment required by copyright.

Throughout the different reports that I have been publishing in 2020 on the evolution of the Ibex, I have been making a series of recommendations for buying and selling. I would now like to highlight the most significant comments on each of these reports and the corresponding recommendations. As you can see the buy level I have placed at Ibex 6650 points and the sell levels at 8836-9100 which are the ones that coincide with the long-term trapezoidal bearish guideline. Two days ago on 10.05.2021 the Ibex closed at 9141, 40 points, reaching my predictions.

24.06.2020 "The IBEX 35 Treasure Map and The ABCD Trapezoidal Cycles"

"Ifwe analyze now the stock market outlook for 2020 we see how prices crash against the trapezoidal line V11 falling to the historical resistance of the segment abc, D6 2026 corresponding to 6650 ibex points, point of strong support on which a lot of money should enter."

  • Recommendation: Buy at 6650. Sell at 9489

27.07.2020 Stock Market Indicators predict a Great Recession of the economy

"An unequivocal sign of the recovery of the economy in the long term should come hand in hand with a rise in the IBEX above 8836 points during 2020 which would confirm the return to the Secondary Channel characterized by long-term GDP growth."

"As we see in the graph the main channel is subdivided into two, the primary channel and the secondary channel. In times of crisis, when the economy is doing badly, the index falls to levels located in the primary channel which would indicate that GDP has decreased drastically or is even negative or what is the same, that the economy is in recession. So, the economy as in the league has two categories, moving here in high school would be equivalent to playing in the 1st division, which would imply GDP and employment growth."

"The graph of the IBEX 35 clearly describes a negative situation for the Spanish economy since the fall would have taken it to the primary channel, reserved for economies in recession and high unemployment."

  • Recommendation: Buy at 6675. Sell at 8836-9210

01.08.2020 "The GDP of Spain in the 2nd quarter collapses by 18.40%, as predicted by Wed Center that predicts a fall of 18.72%"

"the fall of Friday, July 31, had been predicted in a report entitled" The Treasure Map of the IBEX 35 and the Trapezoidal Cycles abcd published in Globedia on June 24, 2020 in which it warned about a fall of the Ibex towards the support of its primary channel located at 6675 points. Yesterday the stock market closed at 6877 points just 202 points from the level marked in that report"

  • Recommendation: Buy at 6675. Sell at 8236-9210

28.09.2020 "Decisive week for the IBEX-35"

"If the ibex 35 closes above or very close to the 6760 level, the ibex should bounce off the bullish 2002-2008-2020 guideline, in force for 18 years, in search of resistance at approximately 7500 points. If, on the other hand, it closes below this level, the fall should stop at levels close to 6090."

It should be noted that the maximum selling target is the maximum level that I believe it can reach, without that meaning that it will reach it during 2020, so as long as the upward trend continues, we should continue to keep the index in the portfolio with a sell target in 2021, as has happened.

  • Recommendation: Buy at 6760. Sell at 8836-9100

01.12.2020 The Ibex-35 prevails: Beats Europe and Wall Street with a record rise in November of 25%, the best month in its history

"When very few analysts advised aggressive purchases on the Ibex 35, on June 24, 2020 in a report I published entitled the "THE IBEX-35 Treasury Map and trapezoidal cycles" indicated the ibex's fall and rise targets, advising a strong buy around 6760 points, and buying very strong on the 6090 , in the event that it breaks the last line of upfront support left since 1992 before the primary resistance of the channel, as can be seen on the chart above."

"A monthly close above 10500 during 2021 would indicate a clear long-term trend change from bearish to upside, as the index would be in the secondary channel."

"As can be seen, in the top table of monthly closures, in March the Ibex starred in a monthly fall of -22, 21% closing this month at 6785, 40 standing at only 25, 40 points above the level 6760 points of the support of the line a2002-b2012-c2020 of 18 years of validity; but in September 2020 the monthly close fell to 6452 points blowing up this support. In September it made a low of 6552, in October at 6329 and in December at 6394, all of them located between 6760 and 6090 points area in which in June we advised BUY AND BUY STRONG."

"Those who have followed my advice will have bought in the zone of minimums, which means a profit close to 25%. My predictions are based on the development of my own theory: SHOCK WAVES, which as you can see from the results obtained is much more effective, both in the short and long term, than Elliot waves."

In the table you can see how during the months of September October and November the Ibex traded below 6660 points, so if it had been bought at those prices the profit would have been higher.

  • Recommendation: Buy at 6760. Sell at 8836-9100-10385

02.12.2020 THE Ibex 35 prepares a bullish rally before the end of the year with target 8836 - 9100 points.

"Once the resistance level located at 7890 points, green line, has been overcome, my forecasts indicate that the Ibex will reach before the end of the year at least the level of 8907, 30 points, being able to reach without too many problems a close on the bearish trapezoidal line D, located at 9100 points."

"The fact that it reached the level of 9100 points is not significant, what is really significant is that it reached 10385 points and that it closed the year between 9385 and 10,385, since this would mean a change of trend in the medium term."


"If the Ibex manages to break the trapezoidal, blue bearish guideline that began in 2007, and that joins the historical high D with the base of the channel, black, and that has tried unsuccessfully to cross in 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019 and February 2020, it is very likely once it gets a monthly close above 9250 points, recule to test the new support located between 8,836 and 9,100 points and rebound from this level to the upside. But it must be borne in mind that the fact that it finally rises is no guarantee that the whole economy will recover as a whole, let alone employment, as I will explain in new reports."

  • Recommendation: Buy at 6760. Sell at 8836-9100-10385


"The minimum purchase level during 2020 I set at 6660, which means that from this area upwards the recommendation was to buy with a sale target of 8836-9100. If we set as a sales target 9100 the capital gain that would have had whoever had bought on the 6660 points and had sold on Monday, May 11 would have been 63, 37% "

"My recommendation would therefore be to sell between 8836 and 9100 and wait for the monthly close which if it occurred between 9210 and 9489 would indicate that the trapezoidal bearish guideline would have been drilled for the first time in 14 years. However, the critical point is around 10385 Ibex points. If I reached this level within an intra-month starting from the current levels 8836-9100 my recommendation would be to sell unceremoniously.

In a next report I will announce my forecast for the Ibex in 2021, and indicate the recommendations of comapra and sale.

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