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Vendrell Plan of: "Global Economic Cryogenization"

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"Economic Cryogenization is the hibernation of the economy, creating a financial bridge between the start and end of cryogenization, consisting of the implementation of cyber-debt, and cyber money in the same amount, in order to fully cover the expenditures of the public sector, and those of the private sector that is inactive, for the duration of the hibernation of the economy, safeguarding citizens, businesses and state services from bankruptcy.

To ensure its success, it must have the endorsement of the UN, after plenary meeting of all the countries that make up it, and the two international organizations that will be created for its control and supervision: the OMCE World Organization for Economic Cryogenization and the RIB, International Banking Regulator, which will also have the power to issue and transfer it, in a lost depth , through cyber-currency, to the Central Banks of each country, which will send it to their respective ministries of finance that will be responsible for transferring the corresponding amounts directly to the cyber accounts of their legal recipients, and using them from their mobile devices or TPAs cards, to make payments and transfers, under the Vendrell Plan of Economic Cryogenization. "

"In order for the global economic cryogenicization plan I submit to be accepted by the majority of citizens, it is essential to act under four clear guidelines: the first to develop a legal-political agreement that guarantees national institutionalsupport and to be international, the second to develop a General Plan of Action, to ensure the success of economic cryogenization in each country, regardlessof the level of difficulties they go through, the third to establish an economic or economic basis for Cryogenization, and the fourth and final to develop an OperationalStart-up Plan."

I. Legal-Political Agreement

· Obtain essential majority support from each country's house of representatives that authorizes the implementation of the economic cryogenization plan with the issuance of cyber-debt and cyber money in identical amounts.

· Obtaining international support, there may be two possibilities:

1. A UN agreement, which should conduct an extraordinary plenary meeting to put the foundations for the cryogenization of the world economy for approval.

2. A global agreement similar to that of Bretton Woods, made up of countries wishing to adhere to economic cryogenization, should it not be approved by the UN.

II. General Plan of Action:

A. Issuing Cyber Money

1. The amounts of cyber-money will be referenced in cyber currencies of the destination countries being called Cyber Euro, Cyber Dollar, Cyber Yen, Cyber Yuan or Cyber Pound, to name a few examples, and will have the same value as their legal use currencies.

2. If the EU does not want to join economic cryogenisation, each country will be able to reactivate its old currencies in cyber form, becoming cyber-marco, cyber-dracma, cyber-lira, cyber-pound or cyber-peseta, and thus respectively the rest of the currencies that will coexist with the euro as an EU physical currency.

a) Cyber-currencies will not have access to physical money, but they will have cyber-accounts in the usual banks being able to direct receipts or make national transfers and payments of any kind, either through bank, internet, or mobile terminals and TPA debit cards that can be paid in any trade; always, within the territorial scope in which the card is accepted, so they will not interfere with legal currencies of current use.

b) Convertible cyber currencies may be used to make international payments between different cyber currencies, provided that both currencies have been declared convertible, by the central banks of their respective countries.

B. Creation of new OrganismosInternacionales

"In the face of indifference to the "Economic Cryogenization" of the IMF, the World Bank, European Union and the European Central Bank, to whom on 23 March 2020 I sent a full report in the that they were warned of the consequences of the NON-cryogenization of the worldeconomy, and that they only took into account to undermine the"Vendrell Plan" with the future implementation of the cyber-eurothat it proposed, replacing it with "the ECB's digital euro" adapted to its institutional interests with the clear intention of defending corporatism between the governments and the institutions theychair, and whose consequences are to channel aid through governments so that they distribute them as they please , rather than sending them as compensation to their legal collectors; I havedecided to propose the creation of two new international bodies, OMCE and RIB, inorder to ensure that aid reaches its legal fundsdirectly: citizens and companies affected by the economic pandemic,leaving open the door to a third party to replace the UN if the organization refuses to submit the vote on global economic cryogenization a plenary assembly."

1. The OMCE Global Economic Cryogenization Agency, which will be responsible for developing the Global Cryogenization Plan and the highest supervisor so that the issuance of cyber-debt corresponds to the real cryogenics needs of each country, and the issuance of each country's cyber-debt coincides with the amount of cyber-money put into circulation, the thus preventing an increase in inflation from triggering an economic crisis.

2. El RIB, International Banking Regulator, which will depend on omce, and whose main functions will be:

a) The issuance of certifications of bank approval, the Central Bank, the Treasury, and the private banking of each country so that they can file requests for cyber-debt and transfer cyber-money to their legal recipients.

b) Supervision of certified entities to meet the requirements established by OMCE in the issuance of cyber-debt and the receipt of cyber-money.

c) The certified central banks of each country endorse the issuance of cyber-debt, having to control that the issuanceof cyber-debt and cyber-money is carried out in the same amount, as well as supervise that the Ministry of Finance transfers the cyber-money issued to its legal recipients through its mobile devices and cards Guaranteed Payment Cards (TPA) that they can use for all kinds of national, international payments for those cyber-currencies that are convertible.

d) Cyber-currencies will be directed to both the public and private sectors for the duration of the hibernation of the economy, in order to safeguard citizens, businesses and services provided by the state of bankruptcy, with its legal perceptions being as follows:


Public Sector:

· To all Public Sector employees who should be transferred full payroll pay through cyber payments, to meet all their expenses, which would include: rents, mortgages, food, education, health, clothing, transportation, leisure and any current expenses with the sole limitation of not on passing their expenses to their received wage income.

· To all the unemployed, retirees, and those who collect state benefits and even those who collect any type of State aid, who would fully receive the amounts of their monthly benefits for not less than the minimum wage of each country, having to be calculated, in countries that do not exist.

Private Sector:

· All persons over the age of 25 who do not have declared income, who are not unemployed and who do not receive any aid or who areless than the interprofessional minimumwage, who will be transferred a minimum income equal to the interprofessional minimum wage.

· To all the self-employed and to all types of companies that have been inactive in the Private and Public Sector after the activation of the state of emergency, those who must be transferred a amount equal to the value of their payments in: raw materials, investments and credits, for as long as they remain in economic hibernation, provided that their payment maturities are based on invoices declared prior to the approval of economic cryogenization; and their expenses domiciled prior to the declaration of the alarm status.

· To all workers with Ertes, who should betransferredfor the duration of the paralysis of the companies in which they work, the full amountsof their n or mines with which to deal with their monthly expenses with the onlyrestriction of not being able to pass their total expenses to the income received.

III. Economic & Financial Basis of Economic Cryogenization

" ECONOMIC CRYOGENIZATION is based on the issuance of cyber-debt and cyber-money in identical amounts, which is why there will be no excess money supply and therefore does not generate inflation. If we compare Public Debt with Cyber-Debt we see that both are similar, except for 3 fundamental differences on which global economic freedom or slavery depends:

· Cyber-debt is issued at the beginning or during the financial year when you want to spend the money you do not have; instead, public debt is issued at the end of the financial year, when the money that was not had has already been spent.


· Cyber-debt goes to citizens and entrepreneurs. public debt goes to the state's extra spending.


· Cyber-debt is issued by the RIB and amortized and volatilized by rib, so it does not cost the citizen tax; on the contrary, public debt is issued by states and financed through taxes, impoverishing citizens and businesses so that central banks then arrive they buy it a share through Quantitative Easing and volatilize it, having impoverished the population sooner.


As some of us know, quantitative easing is nothing more than the implementation of the vulgar machine, what I propose is much more technical, is to transfer through current technology the money that entrepreneurs and citizens needed, following the Vendrell Plan of"Criogenizacior Economic",so that we do not all end up in broken banking and with the end of the system." In short,


IV. Operational Start-up Plan

The "Operational Start-up Plan" has the function of establishing a banking framework for the cryogenization of the economy. This operational plan will be disclosed only when institutional leaders decide to take seriously the "Vendrell Plan of Economic Cryogenization", thus avoiding that it be manipulated by governments and international bodies is to adapt it to their corporate purposes.

"The NON CRIOGENIZATION OF THE ECONOMY, IS NOT AN OPTION, since it unleashed the chain of Cascading Effects, which started with panic, caused by the Fall Effect of Revenue, triggering the effects: Stampede, Domino, Drag, Boomerang and Snowball, increasing more than 40% the extra loss of GDP, and leading the Public Sector, from the 4 phase to the broken bank. If the Economic Pandemic is internationalized, the Global Boomerang and Snowball Effect will result in a GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRASH, which will lead to the collapse, rationalization and implosion of communism in broken countries." Jorge Vendrell www.wed-center.com


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